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Introducing: Remediated Fly Ash and Glass Powder - The Superior SCMs

Remediated Fly Ash and Recycled glass powder are the single best solutions for a fly ash substitute and partial cement powder replacement.

How is Remediated Fly Ash (RFA) Processed?

Our remediated fly ash is processed using patented technology to produce a high-quality Class F fly ash that meets and/or exceeds ASTM C618, ASTM C1260/1567 and ASTM C1012. While other Class F fly ashes exist in the market, our fly ash is far superior due to a proprietary process and blending between fly ash from coal combustion and natural pozzolans from volcanic events. 


Our quality is unmatched during production to ensure proper particle size, chemistry and performance. The results obtained with our Class F fly ash have proven to exceed any of those of our competitors due to this specialty processing.

How is Ground Glass Processed?

Recycled glass is collected from various means, including by direct receipt from businesses and recycling centers. Once the glass is received, it is sorted via optical sorting that separates glass colors, as well as removing contaminants such as ceramic, metals and stone. Various types of magnets and vacuum systems further clean up the glass to remove any small trace of metals and light materials such as paper and other organic material.



Once the glass is properly sorted and cleaned, it is crushed and screened to size the material down to certain fines. For use as a partial cement replacement, ACS requires that our glass powder to be of a very specific sieve size to properly undergo pozzolanic features.

What Is an Ideal Pozzolan?

The purpose of a pozzolan or SCM is to increase strength, increase impermeability, create sulfate resistance, decrease ASR (alkali-silica reaction), reduce bleeding and, reduce maximum rise in temperature.


Our pozzolan materials are considered to be the most ideal solutions, especially in consideration of the Class C fly ash shortage due to coal plants being shut down.

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